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'Women empowerment'

An empowerment shoot is something, I feel, every woman should do!

It's to boost your confidence, to improve your self-esteem, to show everybody how gorgeous you can be, no matter what skin color, size or religion you have.

When you are at ease, relaxed and in your element, that's when we start the photoshoot session, not before. You don't want the pictures to come out stiff and rigid right?

So we take our time, put on some music, laugh and enjoy the moment.

My friend Katja came a few days ago to my studio in Antwerp, which by the way had it's opening on the 19th of November, yeey to me, so we had a cup of coffee, we talked a bit, & then we started our session.

And I'm so proud of these results! Take a look...

What I want to show you and trying to say is that an empowerment shoot like this, can make you feel you're worthwhile. Break the bias, speak up for change, show to the world that a woman is powerful, strong, intelligent and in my opinion the most beautiful thing God has created.

Are you in for a challenge? Send me an email to to book your shoot.

I hope to see you soon.

With love, E.

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